The Shrewd Manager - Laura Black

The Shrewd Manager

By Laura Black

  • Release Date: 2011-07-25
  • Genre: Christianisme


How can you, as a Christian, honour God with your finances You've got the job, the house, the car. You tithe and give to charitable causes. But are you really a SHREWD manager of the money God has given you Challenging and unconventional, The Shrewd Manager takes a fresh look at Jesus' teachings and concludes that most Christians have missed God's heart when it comes to finances. Discover how radically different the world could be if Christ's servants would stop living according to the enemy's lies and deceptions about money and start living instead by God's financial principles. The Shrewd Manager reveals a powerful key every Christian holds which can release a cyclone of blessing into a financially and spiritually impoverished world. Grab hold of this key today to unlock the door to God's infinite resources.